Research & Learning

During the project, research will be undertaken to add to the growing body of research being undertaken on food loss and waste, sustainable food systems and social learning in South Africa.

Food loss and waste

Food for us

Attendees at the launch of the app at The Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch

Research will be undertaken to better understand why fresh produce loss and waste occurs on-farm, what happens to this produce and reasons for not adopting higher value diversion practices, for example diverting good nutritious food for human consumption rather than animal feed or composting.  Outcomes of the research will build on the growing body of work and understanding of food loss and waste, and sustainable food systems in South Africa, and improve the evidence-base in the country.

Building researcher capacity

Throughout the project the capacity of the researchers involved in the project will be developed, for example through training with experts in their field, such as:

  • Feedback providing advisory and training support on the global and African context of food loss and waste, and undertaking on-farm research.
  • Drawing on the extensive expertise of Rhodes University’s Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC) this research will build-on and advance transformative learning methodology and theory. An Masters of Education and PhD are being offered through this project.

Research and analysis is being undertaken by our various project specialists, such as:

  • Carbon Calculated are developing and refining food loss and waste conversion factors for South Africa, and analysing data captured by the app to ascertain environmental and financial savings achieved through the use of the app.
  • The Sustainability Institute are providing research support in the Western Cape and bring sustainable food system expertise.

Find out more or get involved

If you are interested in the outcomes of the research or wish to find out more, please contact us at for further details.