On the 11th, 12th and 13th of April, our researcher, Sarah Jane Durr, represented the Food for Us project by presenting her findings at the International Mobile Learning Conference held in Utrecht, Netherlands. 

The conference brought academics, industry and civil society together to discuss the future possibilities of Mobile Learning. Sarah went to present the findings that emerged out of the Food for Us project with emphasis on the importance of developing networks around technological innovation introduction. Her paper titled, “Exploring the social learning value enabled by affordances of the Food for Us mobile application: A South African Food redistribution App Case Study”, was accepted as a full-length paper to be presented in a 30-minute presentation.

Most of the research that was presented at the Mobile Learning Conference was of a formal learning nature. This included mobile learning tools that could be integrated and used in the formal education sectors (schools, Universities, and colleges). The Food for Us project provided research about informal mobile learning of a more uncommon and disruptive nature.

Sarah spoke about the importance of building robust social networks around the introduction of mobile technology so as to ensure that the users are assisted in the adaption and use of new innovations. Sarah explained the challenges and successes of the Food for Us project narrating the learning journey that was experienced by the Food for Us team.

The presentation was received with great positivity and good feedback. Watch this space for a copy of the final paper.

This research would not have been possible without the honest input from the Food for Us participants who contributed to making this such a worthwhile experience.

Written by Sarah Jane Durr